Based in Egypt, Cairo, Our company distributes salt rocks and sea salt for  various  applications deicing, industrial, lobster bait ,fish bait,tanning , ......etc.

We take pride in introducing only high quality salt with no foreign bodies ,high purity and very low moisture.



At Salt Egypt, we believe that our company’s business conduct should be carried out with integrity and transparency, conducted in line with required business ethics, in good faith and mutual respect. The implementation of these values will lead the company to fulfill its vision of achieving commercial success, with business momentum tied in with the preservation of the company’s reputation .

Quality Assurance

We strive to maintain a trust-based relationship with our customers and suppliers, and work to fulfill our obligations in good faith, preserving Salt Egypt's good name and reputation. Salt Egypt's products are renown to have superior quality, and we shall maintain this reputation. Every worker strictly adheres to the quality control.